Krystyna Krasowska-Cicha is an acclaimed landscape and sacred images artist who paints in oil on location and from a home studio

She finds an inspiration in the world around her where she explores colours, light and relation between them. “In my paintings I want to deal with what I see in front of me but in the widest possible sense. I want to honour The Creator – the most perfect Artist. Thanks to the fact that I am a Catholic, I have the opportunity to look at the world through the prism of God’s perfection, which gives meaning to my work and pleasure of drawing inspirations from His works that are around us, and which provide us with everything we need for our development and happiness, resulting from communing with the beauty of God’s creation.”

She greatly admire the works of The Old Masters such as Turner, Zorn, the impressionists such as Monet , Van Gogh and colourists including J. Pankiewicz.

As a Polish artist based in Ireland, she graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, Poland, where she received a master degree in fine art.

“My creative process involves painting from life as well as working in the studio. Often I will sketch in pencil or watercolour landscapes which I later use to develop lager scale oil composition.”


To create work that shows God’s love for us through the beauty of the world. Exploring color, light and texture gives me a taste of how great is God and how much He loves us.


The central theme of my artwork are landscapes and sacred images. My art is a tribute to God. It is my song of praise to Him.


My canvases are hand-made / hand-stretched form the finest fabrics and wooden materials. I use high quality Gesso to prime my canvases before painting with oils and finishing with high quality artist varnish. I provide a signed certificate of authenticity with all of my original artworks.


2023 – Art Source 2023, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

2023 – Dublin Plein Air Art Exhibition, Crafty Studio, Dublin, Ireland

2023 – Louth Plein Air Art Festival 2023 Group exhibition, Five Good Things at Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland

2023 – Collective exhibition, “Greater Than>”, Basement Gallery, An Tain Arts Center, Dundalk, Ireland

2022 – Collective exhibition, “Connective’22”, Gallery 13, Millmount Craft Quarter, Drogheda, Ireland

2022 – INCOGNITO 2022 The online art auction to aid Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Ireland

2021 – INCOGNITO 2021 The online art auction to aid Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Ireland

2010 – Solo exhibition, “Interior – a fragment of space”, Gallery of Młodych Talentów, Rynek Sztuki, Łódź, Poland.

2009 – Collective exhibition, “Secret complicity”, Museum History of Lodz City, Festival of Science, Technology and Art, Poland.

2008 – Collective exhibition of lithography studio students, Łódź, Poland.

2007 – Collective exhibition, “Live colourfully”, Gallery BOKRondo, Łódź, Poland

2006 – Collective exhibition of painting studio students, “From A to Z”, Academy of Fine Art Łódź, Poland.

2005 – Collective exhibition, “Jubilee Exhibition”, Works by students of The Faculty of Visual Education of The Academy of Fine Art in Łódź, Poland.