Krystyna Krasowska-Cicha is an acclaimed landscape and sacred images artist who paints in oil on location and from a home studio

She finds an inspiration in the world around her where she explores colours, light and relation between them. “In my paintings I want to deal with what I see in front of me but in the widest possible sense. I want to honour The Creator – the most perfect Artist.”

She greatly admire the works of The Old Masters such as Turner, Zorn, the impressionists such as Monet , Van Gogh and colourists including J. Pankiewicz.

As a Polish artist based in Ireland, she graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, Poland, where she received a master degree in fine art.

“My creative process involves painting from life as well as working in the studio. Often I will sketch in pencil or watercolour landscapes which I later use to develop lager scale oil composition.”


To create work that shows God’s love for us through the beauty of the world. Exploring color, light and texture gives me a taste of how great is God and how much He loves us.


The central theme of my artwork are landscapes and sacred images. My art is a tribute to God. It is my song of praise to Him.


My canvases are hand-made / hand-stretched form the finest fabrics and wooden materials. I use high quality Gesso to prime my canvases before painting with oils and finishing with high quality artist varnish. I provide a signed certificate of authenticity with all of my original artworks.


2024 – Collective exhibition, “Kaleidoscope”, Kenmare Butter Market, Kenmare, Ireland

2024 – INCOGNITO 2024 The online art auction to aid Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Ireland

2023 – Art Source 2023, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

2023 – Dublin Plein Air Art Exhibition, Crafty Studio, Dublin, Ireland

2023 – Louth Plein Air Art Festival 2023 Group exhibition, Five Good Things at Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland

2023 – Collective exhibition, “Greater Than>”, Basement Gallery, An Tain Arts Center, Dundalk, Ireland

2022 – Collective exhibition, “Connective’22”, Gallery 13, Millmount Craft Quarter, Drogheda, Ireland

2022 – INCOGNITO 2022 The online art auction to aid Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Ireland

2021 – INCOGNITO 2021 The online art auction to aid Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Ireland

2010 – Solo exhibition, “Interior – a fragment of space”, Gallery of Młodych Talentów, Rynek Sztuki, Łódź, Poland.

2009 – Collective exhibition, “Secret complicity”, Museum History of Lodz City, Festival of Science, Technology and Art, Poland.

2008 – Collective exhibition of lithography studio students, Łódź, Poland.

2007 – Collective exhibition, “Live colourfully”, Gallery BOKRondo, Łódź, Poland

2006 – Collective exhibition of painting studio students, “From A to Z”, Academy of Fine Art Łódź, Poland.

2005 – Collective exhibition, “Jubilee Exhibition”, Works by students of The Faculty of Visual Education of The Academy of Fine Art in Łódź, Poland.