“From the sunrise to the sunset”

I am honoured to present to you my new collection of the sky-scapes. “From the sunrise to the sunset” is a collection of oil paintings, painted on canvases, where I explore light and colours of the sky and relationship between them.

I strive to depict the beauty and colour of our natural world. I found a great love in capturing it’s endless loveliness, and discovering all it’s scents and sounds.

The earthly dimension and unseen dimension of colour and light is what unites the entire collection. The meaning of “light” has a spiritual background, anchored in my faith.

"For the grandeur and beauty of creatures lead us to ponder on their Author, greater and more magnificent", Wis 13,5

In my works, I want to honour The Creator – the most perfect Artist.

The purpose of the works is to make the viewer to slow down, rise theirs eyes up and see the wonderful spectacle of colour and light which is happening every day.